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Setera OneCloud Deployment

Mobile App Android

You will receive installation SMS and e-mail, where you can find installation link

1. Click the link in the SMS you have received

2. Download the App from the “1. Download” link.

3. Link will open Play Market, Install application

4. After you have downloaded and installed the App click again the link in the SMS you received, and this time press the “2. Configure” link and click Open.

App will guide you through some basic settings and access rights questions

5. Allow to access Contacts

6. Allow to make and manage phone calls

7. Allow to take pics and videos

8. Allow to record audio

9. Allow to access photos and media files

10. Allow permisson to show things top of other apps

11. You can edit and change settings from the App settings on the menu

12. App will remind you to enable VoIP calls in the Settings

Swipe right to open settings (in the bottom)

Open VoIP mode

Enable internet calls (VoIP) and Connection Service

13. If you want to synchronize your corporate Favourite Contacts to your phone contact book, enable Synchronisation and allow to access contacts. This means that if you add your colleague as favourite contact in the app, it will add it also to your mobile phone owns contact book with same number and details. 

Open Synchronisation and turn it on for Favourites

14. Your app is now ready to use!