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Business Finland Innovation Fund boosts Setera International´s European growth

Business Finland has granted 770.000€ loan to Setera International for product and process development. Business Finland grants long term loans to help innovative Finnish companies expand internationally.

“Setera International has started local operations in Italy, Spain and UK in 2017. During this year we are expanding to 3 more countries. This year we also launch online website to sell our cloud and operator services globally in 60+ countries”, says Tuomo Kiesvaara, CEO of Setera International.

“In order to be scalable, effective and accurate, we need to have automated back office functions supporting all processes from sales, provisioning, delivery, billing to online customer support. We are building quite a unique and ambitious operation which enables us to connect up to 100 businesses per day with relatively small overhead. The most challenging thing is to make everything work in many cultures, languages and work environments, not forgetting different local laws”, continues Kiesvaara.