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Setera Italia has signed an agreement with Museum ‘Claudio Faina’ in Orvieto

Setera is a member of Civita Association which has a very long history in promoting and supporting the precious ancient culture of Italy. Setera is very happy to work with communities and help to digitalise their services and so improve efficiency and customer experience”, says Giovanni Luca Cannizzaro, Country Manager Setera Italia. “There are 92 museums in Italy that are in the roadmap of the project, museum ‘Claudio Faina’ being the first.

The Foundation for the ‘Claudio Faina’ Museum has signed an important agreement with the Faina Museum in Orvieto and Setera Italia, already a member of the Civita Association, which has long been involved in the support and promotion of the precious and millenary Italian culture.

Setera Italia is committed to promoting the Museum through its communication channels, including at an international level. The Foundation is committed to promoting the Setera brand through its museum spaces and in upcoming scientific publications. Both sides will undertake to co-brand new cultural initiatives over the next year.

The agreement, which will have a duration of 48 months, is aimed at the mutual promotion of the respective activities. Setera will provide the museum with a new switchboard and internal telephones, a new connectivity network and a new WI-FI connection network, as well as a maxi screen and a PC to set up the teaching room, aimed at spreading the historical culture of the museum. through its services around the world” says the President Dr. Daniele Di Loreto.

There are numerous museums in Italy that will be involved in this project, and the Faina museum is the first. Setera is very proud, especially in a difficult time like the one we are experiencing, to work for the enhancement of art and culture, to support the digitisation of their services by improving efficiency and customer experience, the beauty of the collection and the exhibition venue as well as the location in front of the Cathedral are elements of great value and together represent a unique combination in the museum panorama of our country” says Giovanni Luca Cannizzaro, Country Manager of Setera Italia.

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