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MS Teams UCaaS

Two Options

Teams users wanting to make and receive calls from external contacts have two options:

  1. Buy an expensive Calling Plan from Microsoft
  2. Use the smarter option of Setera’s Direct Routing service. 

Setera Direct Routing Advantages:

Tailored Service

Setera provides its customers with a tailored service to meet their specific business requirements.  We make it simple:- one contract and one point of contact.  Larger organisations, benefit especially because Setera offers greater flexibility, broader geographic coverage, lower rates, and increased levels of support. 

Setera provides the necessary cloud infrastructure to route incoming and outgoing external calls to MS Teams.  Setera’s global network is compliant with local government regulations using our local telecoms licences and our partnerships with the local operators.  We have worldwide coverage enabling our customers to implement a unified communications system, without worry,  throughout their entire organisation. 


A question that is always asked is: “What happens if there is a problem making or receiving calls?”  Contacting Microsoft support entails them in-turn contacting the operator they are using in the territory concerned, which takes time.  With Setera, as the direct provider of the global service, issues get resolved quickly and easily, with no fuss.

If you would like more information, please complete the enquiry form.   We look forward to speaking to you.