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Global Voice Services

Enterprise voice 

Setera Enterprise Voice is a cloud-based voice service available in 50+ countries, designed for large multinational organisations. It is provided in Setera´s own resilient SIP based global network.  Enterprise Voice Calling Countries

PSTN full replacement 

ISDN and PSTN services will not be supported for much longer, so migrating your enterprise telephony to SIP and cloud technologies is becoming urgent. Setera´s PSTN Replacement service provides full-featured and fully compliant replacement services in 50 countries, including CLI (Caller Line Identity), emergency calling and calling to local service numbers. 

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing 

Setera´s Microsoft  Direct Routing service connects your 365 tenant to Setera´s global voice network, which provides your Teams Cloud PBX with external calling capabilities. Global PSTN full replacement service in 50 countries enables your Teams become your global single enterprise communication platform.  

AWS Connect 

Setera provides SIP connections to AWS Connect, which enables external calling by using Setera´s global voice network.  

Cloud Connect for Webex Calling

Setera provides SIP connections to Webex, which enables external Webex Calling using Setera´s global voice network. 

Countries served

Setera offers services in 50+ countries. Enterprise Voice Calling Countries

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