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Winner of the Hotel360 Innovation Award for
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Hotel info on your mobile

Transforms hotel operations and enhances the guest experience. As more and more guests seek hotel information and access to services via their own mobile device without Covid hazard, iPortal is the ultimate solution that combines simplicity with an abundance of features, and can be created by the Hotelier without any development costs.



Enhanced guest experience

iPortal is a unique solution, with no set-up costs, that can boost hotel revenues by generating additional bookings and enhance the guest experience by providing your guests with all the hotel information they need, directly to their own mobile devices, without the hassle of downloading an App.


Access by QR code

Zero footprint approach provides a simple QR-Code that users scan with their smartphones to access your custom branded Guest Services Solution, displaying all the information and services they will need during their stay, including having the ability to message or call the hotel directly.


Promote offers

iPortal will provide easy access to all your hotel’s information and promote the facilities on offer, completely removing the need for the traditional hotel directory.


Boost Your Bookings

Include the iPortal QR-Code in your advertising to allow prospective customers the opportunity to view the amenities on offer at your hotel, to ask questions via chat messaging or by calling the property, and to book their reservation easily on-line.


Additional Services

For those who wish to provide a more inclusive experience, once checked-in, iPortal can integrate and connect the guest through to the property PMS via powerful iLink integration middleware, enabling additional functionalities such as view bill and auto check-out. Personal service is assured with onward integration to messaging and telephony, and iPortal becomes the users’ digital assistant for the duration of their stay.


Key Features

  • Easy access to hotel information & services
  • No downloads
  • Custom branding
  • Revenue enhancing
  • Messaging
  • Speed dials
  • Mobile Check-Out
  • Dashboard Analytics for Reporting
  • Multi-site Management, create once use many