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Setera Voice Network – When you value high quality VoIP calls all over the world with compelling prices.

Calling via Internet anywhere you want

Setera’s own reliable and redundant IP network guarantees you always high quality local and global call traffic. Our affordable local and international call rates make it very affordable to call anywhere in the world.

Voice access to Internet

SIP-trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) is the way to achieve a VoIP call (Voice over IP). It’s a protocol for setting up real-time audio and/or video between two phones or endpoints. Simply put, SIP is the technology that creates, modifies, and terminates phone sessions with one or more parties in an IP network, whether a two-way call or a multi-party conference call. A SIP trunk allows you to make local, long distance, and international calls over the Internet.

Quick deployment with no hardware installations

SIP Trunk solution is always based on your existing IT infrastructure. It will not require any physical installation, so a trunk can be established quickly. This also means that if you have departments located at other addresses, we can easily and quickly integrate them into the same solution.

Reduced costs

With a SIP Trunk solution your company’s current telephony system, costs and complexity, can be reduced by taking advantage of existing IT infrastructures to connect the telephony system and the public telephone network together.

Setera’s Local Global Connectivity

Service available in 40 counties and growing (China in Q2/2021)

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