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OneCloud UCaaS

OneCloud UCaaS

Need to connect your locations worldwide under one telephone system.

Cloud based telephone system

Very easy to deploy by downloading clients to handsets and PCs

One Simple solution for connected business

Setera OneCloud concept is a global software-based telephone / switchboard solution with a modern easy to use architecture.

OneCloud provides global and local communications needs to all your offices and teams anywhere in the world with any device (mobile, PC, iPad, tablet, desk phone, DECT & conference phone).

The service is very easy to deploy by downloading clients to mobile devices and PCs. The desk phones, DECT and conference phones are ready to use, when plugged into an Internet port.

Benefits of the OneCloud phone system:

  • One agile provider for Operator and Cloud services anywhere in the world
  • All offices and call centres can be connected as one
  • One partner for all locations
  • Identical services for all locations
  • Centralised system administration, support, reporting & invoicing
  • Fast, managed deployment
  • Significant savings in administration & direct cost

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