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Being in the office
whenever you want,
wherever you are

The world has changed

The shift to remote and hybrid work, as well as newly gained appreciation for the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, is here to stay.

Mobility in the core:


Through our Mobile First, we provide genuine flexibility to global workers. Ditching the location-dependent communication systems, employees can enjoy the mobility necessary to maintain productivity from any location of their preference – home, work, abroad etc. The mobile phone has gained growing significance in our daily lives, impacting both leisure and work activities. We’ll advance this concept by integrating the entire office communication system into the mobile phone. Utilizing our cloud platform ensures authentic flexibility without compromising functionality or quality.


Wide variety of features:

  • Define user or call groups based call routing rules
  • Create special rules for VIP & black list customers
  • Intelligent call back features so you never miss a call
  • Record calls from mobile and PC
  • Call & Contact center features
  • SMS gateway possibility for mass sendings
  • Intelligent voice mail which can act as holiday assistant
  • Chat with customers or inhouse personel
  • Communicate through SoMe channels like WhatsApp & FB


Benefits of the OneCloud:

  • The most popular smart mobile phone system in the Nordics
  • Decide which number to display and at what time of day
  • Transfer calls to your colleague – including mobile calls
  • Create call groups and join them with a push of a button
  • See remote colleagues status (speaking, in a meeting etc.)
  • See your colleagues’ vacations and when they’ll be back
  • You can offer your customers menu options – push 1 if…
  • Serve your customers on all channels as one
  • Have identical services for all locations
  • All your locations can work as one entity
  • One provider for Operator services anywhere in the world
  • Centralized management, support, reporting and invoicing
  • Fast and controlled deployment
  • Significant savings in administration & direct cost

Improve your efficiency with useful integrations:

  • With Exchange Calendar and Teams status information integration, user availability information is automatically updated to OneCloud status information, making it available to both the Switchboard Operator and all employees.
  • With Caller Recognition, you can see customer information on your screen before answering a call.
  • With AD-Integration, user data is kept up to date.
  • With plug-and-play CRM Integration, you can integrate many CRM/ERP systems into your service, for example, you can open customer information on your screen before answering a call.
  • With FreshDesk and ZenDesk integration, you ensure efficient management of your communications, also from a ticketing perspective.


More info of our local calling world coverage from Voice Services

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