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AI-Powered Enterprise Customer Engagement for Microsoft Teams

Teams native Contact Center Solution

Microsoft Teams native Customer Service

Teams Customer Engagement

In today’s distributed workplace environment it’s more important than ever for companies to optimize their ability to engage with customers. CoreInteract, an innovative new solution for Microsoft Teams, enables our customers to foster and manage their customer communications – enterprise-wide.

With CoreInteract, companies can now leverage the power of Microsoft Teams to enable phone calls, webchats, emails, and more to be routed to the right person, right away. By utilizing Azure Cognitive Services each customer interaction can also be analyzed for important keywords and customer sentiment to ensure employees are making the most out of each and every opportunity to engage with customers. Comprehensive user and workgroup activity reporting provides an end-to-end view of every customer touchpoint.



Built on the Microsoft Bot Framework, deployed in Azure and natively integrated with Microsoft Teams, CoreInteract is a key element in our customers’ Digital Transformation strategies. Drive improved customer experience engagement using your customers’ preferred communications channels. Gain new customer insights with comprehensive analytics and reporting. Boost productivity for employees whether they’re in the office or working from home.


Extend the Power of Teams Phone System

  • Azure-based Teams Application Endpoint
  • Plugs into Teams Auto Attendant
  • Superior Functionality vs Teams Call Queues
  • Improves Work @ Home Employee Productivity


Setup and Manage Users and Workgroups

  • Easily assign employees to customer-facing workgroups using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Establish routing rules for inbound customer requests based on your unique business requirements
  • Configure the order and priority for which workgroup members will receive inbound customer requests
  • Create custom workflows and CRM screen pops quickly and easily


Engage your Customers within Teams

  • Interactions are delivered natively in Teams
  • No separate desktop software to install
  • Workgroup calls are clearly marked, alerting team members this is an inbound customer request
  • Optional supervisor monitoring and automated recording applications are available


Easily Integrate with Dynamics 365

  • Automatically retrieve a D365 customer record with each answered call
  • Click to Call directly within D365
  • Auto date and time stamp customer interactions
  • Link to recorded calls from D365 Notes*

*Requires activation of CoreInteract call recording


Gain Customer insights with Analytics

  • Identify and track important keywords in conversations to ensure quality control and compliance
  • Perform customer sentiment analysis to optimize customer satisfaction
  • Transcribe calls with full-text search of user-defined keywords for specific (or all) customer interactions


Real-time and Historical Reporting

  • Report on team members, workgroup, and inbound customer request activity
  • View real-time team member and workgroup performance
  • Improve management oversight and control
  • Connect to PowerBI for advanced reporting requirements


Manage all customer interactions using your customer’s preferred communications channels.

Routes interactions directly to the Teams application; No additional desktop software is required.

Leverages Azure Cognitive Services to provide important insights into your customer interactions.

Route, Queue, Analyze and Report on all customer interactions regardless of your employees’ physical location.

The web-based portal enables easy setup, configuration, management of employees and workgroups.

The Visual Workflow Designer enables custom workflows and integrations via a simple drag and drop interface.

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