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How can we help you?

Desktop App – Softphone

Quick Overview of the Softphone Interface

The latest version of Setera Softphone has a very clear and easy to use interface. Lets have a quick look at its interface which appears when you first login to the Softphone.

We have divided the interface of Setera softphone into different sections with their own functions to make it easy to use. Every sections/bars include different options with their own unique function.

Menu bar

Functions of each options are described below:

  1. File: You can exit from the softphone by clicking on it and then on exit.
  2. Tools: There are other options which allow you to edit your personal detailsadd a contact, Schedule a meet, Check Inbox, Change your future Presence, Call Routing option and Other softphone settings.
  3. View: It allows you to change the interface view of your softphone. It also has some information about keyboard bindings/shortcut.
  4. Call: It has various options related to call. You can get information about the keyboard bindings related to call , bypass diversion rule and changing your role for the very next call.
  5. Services: Here you can change your working hours for the day so that your presence for any call can be adjusted accordingly. It also has an option to send sms/email to the listed contact. You can also change your role for any upcoming calls.
  6. Help: It has options like information about the softphone application, more user guides, Privacy Policy and Diagnostics.

Profile and Presence

It includes User’s Profile, Presence, Note and Notifications. You can change your availability from here by clicking on the current presence status.

Input/Search Field

This is an search field where you can type number/name to call/send sms/ chat/ check details

Icon Bar

Functions of each icon are described below:

  1. Contacts : It shows all your contacts through which you can check their details, make a call or send sms.
  2. Calls : It shows all the active/ongoing calls.
  3. Call Log : It shows all the incoming and outgoing, missed calls and inbox.
  4. MiTeam : It displays all the streams which include chats, file sharing and To-Do plans
  5. Queue statistics : It displays the ACD groups and their agents.
  6. Agent statistics : Its displays all the agents and thrir ACD groups
  7. Group log : It displays all the group logs and activities inside each groups.

Task Bar

It includes options like Call Control, Microphone status, Audio Mode and Audio Volume.

  1. Call control : It allows you to choose your phone from which you make a call. (softphone, mobile, desktop phone)
  2. Mute Microphone : You can mute and unmute your microphone by clicking this button.
  3. Audio Mode / : This shows your audio mode and you can change it by clicking on it. means the audio is in Speaker mode and you can change to Headset mode by clicking on it and vice versa.
  4. Audio Volume : This allows you to adjust your audio volume.